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If you follow the requirments below the job you wish send your application to Please enclose the job, your age (optional), your past experiance (optional), why we should hire you, and any other information you feel we need to know. You can find if you were accepted either in an e-mail, the current staff scetion, or the news section. *The (#) near the job name is how many positions are left in that job.

News Reporter (2)
☻Must be able to interview habbos.
☻Must get the News to an Admin ASAP (use e-mail or PM if not online)
☻Must know exactly what he/she is doing and what he/she is aksing in an interview.
☻You must be able to keep track and alert the site planner about changs in rare values.

Mod: (4)
☻Must be able to moderate carefully viewing every new post to make sure it fits the rules.
☻Musn't abuse thier powers and be able to punish posts or anything that breaks the rules accordingly to the rule broken.
☻Must be on occaisonally and be able to help others.


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