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Ecotron Guide

Post  hockeygoalie5 on Mon Jul 28, 2008 2:03 pm

The Ecotron is the brand new way to recycle your old unwanted furniture into furniture that will help save the Habbo environment! You no longer have to dump your old unwanted furniture in someone else's room or at the depths of the Habbo Lido hoping that you won't get caught by Hotel Security Bunnies, instead now all you have to do is log in to your account go onto the Habbo catalogue, drag your old furniture into the Ecotron and wait an hour for it to be recycled before claiming your gift!

Some Important Information about the Ecotron!

You can only recycle furni you've owned for over 30 days.

It takes one whole hour to recycle your furni!

Recycling continues when you are browsing the hotel or logged out!

All furni is treated equally - it's the number of items, not the value that counts!

How it works..

Open the Catalogue and click on your unwanted Furni. Then click on a free slot in the Ecotron. When you've put enough in, the power bar will turn green. You can then click accept to recieve the prize you want or carry on adding furniture to get something even better

Water Garden for 30 Furni!

20 Gaming Tickets for 10 Furni!

Palm Chair for 20 Furni!

Polar Sofa for 50 Furni!

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