Rules Concerning: Posting

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Rules Concerning: Posting

Post  hockeygoalie5 on Mon Jul 28, 2008 1:18 pm

•You cannot advertize private website (i.e. freewebs.) Unless if it is posted on this site by the administrator or if it is a personal or public site (i.e. myspace or addictinggames.) If found it will be deleted and result in a 1 hr 30 min ban.
•You can't post sexual images or text, this will result in a permnament ban.
•You may not post any personal information (i.e. phone #)
•You may only have conversation in the "spam" section or the chatbox.
•You may only post tips, suggestions, and guides in the dedicated section.
•You may not threaten, you may not pretend to be some dead person killed in the medevil age for being gay. Any threat is illegal, and will result in a permanet ban, we can discover if you have done this before and will take legal action!

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